11 Compelling Reasons to Dress Your Kids in Secondhand Clothes

why buying secondhand clothes for your children kids is a good idea

My love of secondhand everything began as soon as I moved out of home. I was eighteen and living in a new city that was bursting with funky markets and quirky charity shops. And I had a very tight budget to burn. Over time, my funds began to increase, and so too did the number […]

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To the Mother at the Swimming Pool with Her Autistic Daughter

water therapy care for disabled autistic children people with parents

I didn’t notice you when I first arrived at the local aquatic centre. Amongst the usual commotion of scuttling children and bustling parents, I was too distracted by my two excited little boys, each racing off in different directions. Although I’m at the pool every Wednesday afternoon, taking my sons to their swimming lessons, today was the first time I’d seen […]

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40 Questions to Ask Your Child Instead of “How Was School Today?”

things to ask your child children kids to replace how was your day at school

When my eldest child began school, I fell into the same trap as every other new parent. I’d be there, eagerly waiting by the classroom door, as she struggled her way out at the end of the day, with a heavy bag nearly dragging on the ground and a weary look. But before we’d even reached […]

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Why Making New Mum Friends can be More Stressful than Dating

how to make new mom mum mother friends friendship

I check my outfit one last time, hoping it will be appropriate for the event, and while feeling every last knot of nerves in my stomach, I grab my bag and buckle my 3 year old into his car seat. The bright morning sunshine lifts my spirits. Although I’m an introvert, I really enjoy meeting new […]

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How to Cope with Bored Children During the School Holidays

how to manage bored kids children during the school holidays

It happened again. And, once more, I wasn’t prepared. In the week leading up to the school holidays I let myself fantasise about lazy mornings and no schedules. About no school uniforms to wash and no lunch boxes to pack. The kids race through the front door after the last day of term, bristling with a […]

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“Please Don’t Shout at Me” – What Your Child Wants You to Know

what happens if you shout yell shouting yelling at your child children kids

You communicate with me, and connect with me in more ways than you realise. With your eyes when you look at my treasured fish drawings. With your ears when you listen to me singing my songs about lizards. With your touch when you hug me goodnight with a squeezy cuddle for the eleventh time. And with your voice […]

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5 Treatments You May Need to Stop Giving Your Children

which medications are suitable to give children babies kids

As a mother, I always find myself turning straight to the medicine cupboard when one of my children is sick. Desperate to fix them, desperate to keep my child well and healthy. And then, as a pharmacist, I go to work and ironically find myself encouraging people not to take medications. After more than sixteen […]

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