When I First Became the Mother of a Mother

I was not prepared when I became a mother of a mother

I had been a mother for a little over eight years when I first became the mother of a mother. I felt more than ready. I felt confident, even. But after we moved to our rural property and welcomed a very spirited rescue kitten into our family, I would soon come to realise that I was not at […]

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How to Help Your Baby Stop Catnapping and Sleep Longer

get your baby to sleep longer for babies who wakes early from nap sleep

When I became a mother for the first time, I naively had a plan in mind. I had visions of me patiently settling my new baby for her day naps, before putting a tiny load of even tinier baby clothes into the washer, taking all the minutes I needed under a steaming shower, and then sitting down in my tidy […]

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A Tale of One Mother, in 99 Words

As an amateur writer, I continually try to extend myself and delve deeper into my passion. I look for inspiration everywhere and every day. This story was written late one evening in response to an online writing challenge. With no restrictions on theme, it was to be no longer than 99 words, including three pre-chosen […]

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To the Mother at the Swimming Pool with Her Autistic Daughter

water therapy care for disabled autistic children people with parents

I didn’t notice you when I first arrived at the local aquatic centre. Amongst the usual commotion of scuttling children and bustling parents, I was too distracted by my two excited little boys, each racing off in different directions. Although I’m at the pool every Wednesday afternoon, taking my sons to their swimming lessons, today was the first time I’d seen […]

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Why Making New Mum Friends can be More Stressful than Dating

how to make new mom mum mother friends friendship

I check my outfit one last time, hoping it will be appropriate for the event, and while feeling every last knot of nerves in my stomach, I grab my bag and buckle my 3 year old into his car seat. The bright morning sunshine lifts my spirits. Although I’m an introvert, I really enjoy meeting new […]

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The Night Our Kids Discovered That We’re Awesome

awesome cool fun funny parents hacks

At a time that is usually bristling with stress and anger, is there anything better than an impromptu moment of hilarity with your children? Dinner time. And a special treat for dessert that night – a few tasty sweets each. Predictably, our three kids each selected and devoured their sweet quotas in an instant. Their […]

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How Ignoring Your Child Can Improve Their Happiness

coping with a toddler who constantly pesters complains

The best thing I did today was ignore my son. Yes, it’s true that he’s unable to fix his own meals, true that he can’t manage to dress himself, and true that he can’t even go to the toilet on his own. Yes, it’s also true that I am my son’s main carer, but today I […]

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