“Please Don’t Shout at Me” – What Your Child Wants You to Know

what happens if you shout yell shouting yelling at your child children kids

You communicate with me, and connect with me in more ways than you realise. With your eyes when you look at my treasured fish drawings. With your ears when you listen to me singing my songs about lizards. With your touch when you hug me goodnight with a squeezy cuddle for the eleventh time. And with your voice […]

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The Importance of Teaching Your Child That Sometimes it’s Okay to Not Be Okay

asking your child children if they are okay r u ok

Another early morning. Another pair of grey-socked feet slipped into polished shoes. Another packed lunch tossed into the waiting backpack. Another normal school day. My son took up his post in the window to watch for the bus while I finished tying up my daughter’s hair. She was right there with me, but somehow, that morning, I felt that she […]

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How to Manage Your Toddler’s Temper Tantrums Without Giving In

how to cope with a toddler child having a meltdown tantrum

The temper tantrums of childhood are a lot of things. They are noisy. They are unsightly. They take up a lot of time (usually when you’re already on a tight schedule). They can lead to injuries. They can be embarrassing. They can make you feel so many awful emotions, and think all sorts of terrible thoughts. They can even push a parent to the […]

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When I First Became the Mother of a Mother

I was not prepared when I became a mother of a mother

I had been a mother for a little over eight years when I first became the mother of a mother. I felt more than ready. I felt confident, even. But after we moved to our rural property and welcomed a very spirited rescue kitten into our family, I would soon come to realise that I was not at […]

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How to Help Your Baby Stop Catnapping and Sleep Longer

get your baby to sleep longer for babies who wakes early from nap sleep

When I became a mother for the first time, I naively had a plan in mind. I had visions of me patiently settling my new baby for her day naps, before putting a tiny load of even tinier baby clothes into the washer, taking all the minutes I needed under a steaming shower, and then sitting down in my tidy […]

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A Tale of One Mother, in 99 Words

As an amateur writer, I continually try to extend myself and delve deeper into my passion. I look for inspiration everywhere and every day. This story was written late one evening in response to an online writing challenge. With no restrictions on theme, it was to be no longer than 99 words, including three pre-chosen […]

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This ONE Simple Tip Will Improve Dinner Time with Kids Forever!

how to get your child children toddler kids to eat better with better manners

There are two little words that instil a sense of dread in almost every parent with young children. In any other scenario, these two unassuming words are often a welcomed phrase. But in a household with babies, toddlers or children, they invariably describe a daily battle ground where tantrums abound and tempers are lost. Two little words. Dinner time. It […]

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Making Memories in the Tasmanian Wilderness

Holwell Gorge Falls walking track Tasmania Australia

It was one of those special days. The kind where the people you love the most are all around, ready to spend the day together. The kind where the sun seems to be shining just for you. An idea was planted, a course was selected, and a determined group of eight set out for a day in […]

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